About Me

My name is Kate and I own my own Web development company, Vibe Development. For the most part I use CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, and PHP, though at times I work with Visual Basic and VBA. I'm fortunate to have started learning Web development when the benefits and importance of Web standards were really starting to be embraced and promoted. I try my best to stick to the best practices laid out by the W3C, which also, if done correctly, promote usability and accessibility.

With the numerous other tech blogs out there, you may wonder what would possess me to start another. Well, I asked myself the same question. And, the answer is simple: I wanted to create a resource of problems/solutions I've encountered for myself, but more importantly for others, in the hopes that it may save them time when developing themselves. In addition, it gives me an opportunity to voice my opinions on various tech topics that interest me. Plus, if I find another resource online, it's a nice way to tell others about it!

For Web developers, the World Wide Web is one big playground, our home away from home. It's where we work, live, and play. Personally, I love my job. But, as with any job, it has its fair share of frustrations. My hope is that this blog will help to alleviate some frustration for others by my posting solutions to issues I've encountered. In addition, I'll post extra things from time to time, including tutorials and perhaps in the future, Wordpress themes. So, check back often, let me know what you think, and give me a holler with any questions or suggestions.

Have a look around, and enjoy. I hope the information proves to be helpful for you.